Love Your Melons!: Swimwear Tips For Larger Bust Gals

Love Your Melons!


 So, my fellow larger bust girls, how many times has this happened to you? 
You see a cute little bikini, with a design you love...you run and put it on. Then, when you turn to look in the mirror, your girls are not looking like you want them to? 

 I've noticed that larger bust girls (including me), have a bit of trouble finding bikini tops or swimwear, that offers them the support they need. It seems that when you do find one, it is almost the replica of what you get with bras above a C-cup; black, brown, white, and maybe pink colors.  I just wanted to give a few quick tips on what to keep in mind when looking for a swim top.
Love Your Melons Swim Tips! 
 Do you want your girls sitting pretty? 
 Choose a bikini top, or one piece, where the structure of the swimwear is like a bra. Yes, wire is a girl's best friend. The rules of the correct fitting bra applies here also, for a perfect fit. You want your snug and tightest part of the bathing suit to be your band- not the straps, and it's a ++ if the straps are thick too. This way the wire, support of the band, and straps are working together<3
Don't want your girls mushed together?
 Once again, rules of an awesome bra! Choose a swim top or one piece, where they are lifted and separated. You kind of find this where the bathing suit has a balconette build. There is a defined space made with wire, and fabric between each cup.
Neutrals, Neutrals Everywhere!
If you want a design that fits you and your personality, you must be patient. You have to shop around, this may include gambling on ordering online. This is the chance you have to take to find a design that is a good fit for you.
Well, that's it ladies. Do you guys have tips, or stories about your swim wear adventures? Leave them in a comment below.<3 

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