Tiny Break from Circle Lenses

I am thinking of taking a break from circle lenses. They have not given me ANY issues at all. I am just being on the safe side until after my doctors visit. I have been having some yellowing on parts of both my eyes (even before wearing lenses). So, I am going to see if it's connected to my liver. My grandpa had yellowing of his eyes, and then received news of liver issues later. I want to nip this early! Until then, I will concentrate on building my wardrobe more for coords., and working on makeup.
Well, other than that. I will be hopefully updating with a Mori/ Dolly kei inspire DIY project around Sunday!
*Thanks for reading*


FIT Cherry Gal Meet!

Ello, Ello!

I have not blogged in a while. There has been a lot going on in my life. I've been working as usual, and looking for somewhere that pays a little better. Trying to find classes to take online, but my aid came in a bit late. I have to find late start classes. My family and I also had a small apartment fire in the kitchen. The sprinklers flooded the apartment, and the people below us! Now, we are in a new apartment, while the old one is being repaired. Even with all this happening, I was still determined not to miss my second Cherry Gal meet.