My Natural hair journey +"The need to change my hair!" itch.


I have been wanting to change my own hair, so much. There is just a conflict between my hair goal and my want to change. Bleach has been calling my name. Bleached hair, framing my face, and eyebrows. Unfortunately, I have already colored treated my hair years ago, after going natural. My hair would look awesome! Yet, would feel "bleh", and dry out so fast. It made it hard to retain length. I have grown out all the color, only the tips are color treated. Trying to keep strength until I reach mid-back or waist length, is hard.

Once I reach my goal length, I can color and cut in bangs. Here is how far I have reached. I posted it on my tumblr a little while ago.

Natural texture to the left, lightly straightened on the right

I think I will post my wash, condition, and moisturizing routine later this week. Until then, enjoy the rest of your week!


Maybelline's Baby Lips

I'm back once again, with the last of my few treats. (Though I just bought some things at FIT recently.). Here is my second treat to myself!

As you can tell by the case, it has been used frequently<3 lol

 I bought it in "Cherry Me 015".


Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream on Oily Skin

Ello, ello

I posted earlier that I bought myself a few treats this month. Here is the first! Maybelline's spin on BB Cream. I am very late trying this product, but why not give my opinion on it? Here we go ^_^.

I bought the Beauty Balm in: Deep 140


Tiny Break from Circle Lenses

I am thinking of taking a break from circle lenses. They have not given me ANY issues at all. I am just being on the safe side until after my doctors visit. I have been having some yellowing on parts of both my eyes (even before wearing lenses). So, I am going to see if it's connected to my liver. My grandpa had yellowing of his eyes, and then received news of liver issues later. I want to nip this early! Until then, I will concentrate on building my wardrobe more for coords., and working on makeup.
Well, other than that. I will be hopefully updating with a Mori/ Dolly kei inspire DIY project around Sunday!
*Thanks for reading*


FIT Cherry Gal Meet!

Ello, Ello!

I have not blogged in a while. There has been a lot going on in my life. I've been working as usual, and looking for somewhere that pays a little better. Trying to find classes to take online, but my aid came in a bit late. I have to find late start classes. My family and I also had a small apartment fire in the kitchen. The sprinklers flooded the apartment, and the people below us! Now, we are in a new apartment, while the old one is being repaired. Even with all this happening, I was still determined not to miss my second Cherry Gal meet.


Gyaru Inspiration and Ear Goodies


I am really trying to make sure I blog once a week. It's kind of hard, because I work so much. Another meet-up has been decided. We shall be doing some shopping, Puri, and hitting a cafe! I am already so excited. It dawned on me recently.......I don't know what to wear! So, I have been going back and looking over some of the gyaru-kei styles I love. Himekaji<3 Roma<3 Mori<3 I have also been looking into Dolly Kei. (So many layers!) I'm easily drawn to Dolly Kei because the clothes are so magical, and whimsical. Here are a few pictures that have inspired me recently. I do not own ANY of the photos:

I adore this. I will be on the hunt for aged looking flowers. It will work perfectly with mori and dolly kei.

As far as make-up goes, I have been inspired by actual dolls. Dollfies!

Loving the plum shade of blush and lip make<3

So, I shall be choosing and blending these inspirations together. The dollfies lip make reminds me an awful lot of the Korean gradient lip look (。・_・。). Maybe, using the same technique and different colors would accomplish the dollfie lip look. It seems so hard to do a contour that does not melt off in a few hours.  I hope it turns out right for the meet!

 That's all for now, watch this awesome vid if you want to! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) The band is called 
 The Unlikely Hero

 The song in the video is called "Dreamer". So, of coarse I love it! Plus the vocals and music itself is very uplifting! So, hit that play button. (╯◕_◕)╯

Thanks for Reading!


Nu-Pore Natural Herb & Pomegranate Sheet Masks


I have been really loving the effect the My Beauty Diary Black Pearl sheet masks have had on my skin! I shall be posting pics (if I don't chicken out) of the changes my acne prone skin has gone through, since my Likas Papaya soap and mask routine. (That's a whole other post, so on to the review!). I went into the 99 cent store with my mum, because I find awesome stuff like this!:
Miffy water bottle<3 So cute, it matches my lunch case (。♥‿♥。)

Anyway, while browsing I ran into sheet masks in the beauty aisle. I thought,"Hey it couldn't hurt to try". So, I bought two.

4 sheet masks for under $3.00----> Thrifty? Why yes I am! lol (✿◠‿◠)


Experimenting with Tattoo Tights (Reloaded)

It's a hot trend, and I want to try to make it myself (of coarse). I think it would be nice to choose the shapes and stuff I want. There are already instruction out there on how to do it. Using a sharpie seems like the main way, BUT how many other ways can it be done?


D.I.Y Spiked Headband....Seashell style!

I posted on my tumblr, that I would blog on how to make the spiked headband I took pictures with yesterday. Soooo, here we goooo! (✪㉨✪)

Things You Will Need!

 I forgot to take a picture of my hot glue gun, but you will need something to glue the seashells to your headband.
  • Headband
  • Pointy Seashells
  • Lace
  • Hot Glue Gun (some type of adhesive)
Add your material!
1. Glue your lace to your headband. (Or any other material you have chosen to cover your headband)

You should end up with something like this.
 2. Attach your seashells. You can find them pretty much anywhere from Walmart to a Michaels. I bought mine from a fabric store.

I had to chip some of the bottom of the seashell, for it to sit right.

3. Keep gluing your seashells on! I spaced mine out, about an inch and a half.
I'm sorry for the look of my work table lol

4. Let it sit until the glue has hardened. Then you are free to wear it! 

So, there you have it. A different spin on the spiked headband. Let me know if you try it, or send me a picture of you wearing yours!  ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream Disappointment

Ello guys,

It has been a pretty long week, but a package arrived yesterday! If you follow my tumblr, you know I ordered the Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream (or so I thought, but more on that later).


Update & My Wants List (。♥‿♥。)

Ello, ello world,

I have not blogged in a bit. I was not sure exactly what to blog about. I have been working on my makeup, but did not take any pictures. I have a whole list of things I need to complete my look! Those of us who work for our money and pay bills know.....we must wait (॓_॔), and wait. Luckily, the end of the month is coming, which means I get to keep some money for  (╯◕_◕)╯*:・゚✧  GOODIES ლ(╹◡╹ლ) . This means more reviews and pictures. Here is my list (wish I could get everything at once:

1. Hair. I think it's one of the main things missing. I want something brown/light brown with a straight bang.

2. Lashes. I'm not sure what brand yet.

3. Blush. I want to try Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush in plum wine and pink frosting.

4. BB Cream. I have actually already ordered this, but it wont be here until August 8th at the latest.(✖╭╮✖)
 5. I just want it.

6. White and black thigh highs

7. I need at least 3 cute cardigans.

8. My Beauty Diary Facial Mask- Black Pearl and more Likas Papaya soap.

I have been using Likas Papaya soap to clear up my acne and scarring. I am very surprised by how fast the marks have cleared up! I may do a review on it.

I guess that's all for now.