Zooshoo Luna Flat Review

Ello you guys!

I am still working on making my new blog, and making sure everything is perfect (well as close to perfect as possible). I am still doing reviews, and such on my youtube channel until then.  I was offered the chance to review a pair of flats from zooshoo at a discount, they were so adorable I had to do it! Check out my video review of these cuties!


Updates & Moving To Wordpress

* Blow Dust Off Of Blog*

Ello, Long Time, No Post!

I have been hacking away at credits to graduate, and pouring my energy into my youtube channel. Now that I am finding some type of rhythm, I want to start blogging again, as an extension to my youtube channel. I want to start new and fresh on another platform. I am really working slowly on improving the quality of the way I present my content. I have enjoyed my time on blogger, and will keep this blog up, but shall not be linking it on any other social media.

Thank you for reading, and growing with me!
I will leave the link to my new blog, once it is up and ready. ^_^ <3


Happy Monday Clothing & Store Review

Hey you guys,

I have been having a pretty boring Summer so far. Yet, I hope you all are enjoying yourself! Here is a review of the Happy Monday review I did on my Youtube channel. If you have any questions, I will write an in depth post on the clothing items, and store. ^_^


Charm City Harajuku Fashion Walk (Pic Heavy!)

Ello You Guyz!

It has been forever, and I am still working on the aesthetics of this blog, but I wanted to share a long overdue event I went to... My 1st Harajuku Fashion Walk! Everyone was so cute! There were many lolitas, dansou, gyaru , and dansou. We walked from the nearby convention center, and to a tea place. It was freezing, and the walk was cut a little short. Snow even made a guest appearance! So, we made a trip back to a close mall, where we all said our goodbyes. I got a little practice using my new dslr, and met some cool ladies. Without further ado, lets get to pictures! I posted pictures not watermarked on the group page, so I figure I can do it here. I will be marking future ones though. I even found out there's a way to do it internally on my camera.

I hung mostly with this girl, and a decora girly. They were super sweet!

Stickers, stickers, sticker!

Her coord was my favorite. <3

The girl to the left, was who I hung with. Both of their outfits were so cute.

I asked them to act natural.....they didn't. lol

My look for the walk.

The next walk is June 6th. That is my sissy's birthday, so I won't be able to make it. There's one in July, I'll definitely be there for that one! I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures.

~ As always, thanks for reading!~



 I'm about to gut this baby, and get to posting new stuff for you guys!! I have a new camera,there will be better quality, and videos. I'm so excited, but I need to lay foundation before getting to all the cool stuff. <3


Kawaii On A Budget: Kerli Inspired DIY Unicorn Horn

Ello you all,

I've been getting pretty bored with the redundancy of just doing product review. I've picked up crafting and sewing again, because all work and no play sucks. I was scrolling through different saved pictures on my laptop, that I saved to inspire me. I passed over Kerli's picture of her with a unicorn horn. <3 I just had to make it! Her horn was from FireFly Path  and costs $45.00. I do not have excess funds to buy that magical piece, so I asked myself....could I make something similar to this? My imagination said yes! So, I started working on a prototype.

White Unicorn Horn Circlet
FireFly  Path

This is my first attempt. I am in search of a beautiful head piece. I will be hitting thrift stores in search of materials.

If you all would like a step by step, of how to make your own, let me know in the comment section.

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