FIT Cherry Gal Meet!

Ello, Ello!

I have not blogged in a while. There has been a lot going on in my life. I've been working as usual, and looking for somewhere that pays a little better. Trying to find classes to take online, but my aid came in a bit late. I have to find late start classes. My family and I also had a small apartment fire in the kitchen. The sprinklers flooded the apartment, and the people below us! Now, we are in a new apartment, while the old one is being repaired. Even with all this happening, I was still determined not to miss my second Cherry Gal meet.

The day arrived quickly, and we were just settling in to the apartment. Everything was in boxes! Luckily, I thought ahead enough to move my clothes myself. I refused to take them off their hangers and box them up. So, it was easy for me to go through my wardrobe to find my coord. I arrived about 20 minutes late, but none of the other ladies were there. I walked around checking out the little shops and cafes until, Alicia (Head gal in charge ^_^) said they were there. The store we met up at was a Japanese shop selling everything you could think of, really! Make-up, beauty supplies, snacks, stationary, everything a girls' heart can desire. Unfortunately, the associates there would not let us snap pics of stuff inside (>_<) . This must be a new rule, because there are pictures up on yelp.

After shopping a bit, we did purikura. I shall post the pics at the end. We all were hungry after walking around. Food was the main thing on the brain. Star knew a Malaysian restaurant in the area, so we all headed there. I guess it's time for pics!

Leaving downstairs from FIT
Everyone choosing what to eat! It was kind of hard. Everything looked so good
We did not have to wait long, before the food was brought out.

I had pad thai. Really should not be doing this post hungry -_-*
After, we headed back to FIT for more purikura!The first time we took them as a group, but for the second time we went in parts.

Epic battle of rock,paper, scissors to choose groups

Took random pics in the booth :P

 Outfit Snaps!

Did not have enough close ups on Sakura and I  to make a grid : /.
Sweets were wanted after the pictures were taken, so we headed to a cafe. They also did not allow pics to be taken -_-. I still took pictures of the yummies we bought.

We chatted for a while, and hung out until the eventual end of our meet-up. A discussion of how we should have mini meets popped up. I certainly can't wait for the next one. I love hanging with these girls!

Gets from FIT

Thanks For Reading!

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