Etude House: Wonder Pore Freshner & Ebay Seller Review

Ello everyone,

This is another product I purchased for myself during my birthday month. I had been wondering about this product for a while. So, I bought the 250ml version of this the Wonder Pore Freshner from ebay, for $14.39 with free shipping.

I'm currently doing a giveaway for this product.

Ebay Seller Review

 I chose the seller rinishop. The seller has a 100% positive feedback, and it shows! The same day that I purchased this, I received a message it was posted and on the way. It took about 2 weeks to arrive, and came 3 days before the estimated shipping date! It does not get any sweeter than that<3

Communication: 5/5
Shipping Time: 5/5

This is my first time really reviewing an ebay seller. That is how pleased I am. I will be purchasing from them again. I will start reviewing other ebay sellers also, because I know people are cautious sometimes shopping on ebay, for products.

Wonder Pore Freshner Review

This is the 250ml bottle.

 The 500ml comes with a pump, which you can press down and product comes up onto your cotton pad. Since this is the 250ml, it has a flip cap, and has to be poured onto a pad or cotton ball. 

Description and Directions



It claims to be a 7in1 Solution for:
  1. Deep Cleansing Pores
  2. Maintaing ph 
  3. Controlling excess sebum
  4. Minimizing appearance of pores
  5. Refining your skin tone
  6. Keeping elasticity of pores
  7. Moisturizing the inside and outside of skin

Personal Experience:
  I have used this twice a day, for two weeks. I wash my face with Likas Papaya soap, and use this toner. Personally, I like to wipe and pat the excess into my skin for a little while. It took about a week before I started noticing subtle changes in the amount of breakouts and oil I had on my face. It is so gentle, but effective for my skin! Now, that it has been 2 weeks, my skin tone has evened out a little, and my pores are a bit smaller too. I am falling in love with this product!<3<3


  • Deep Cleansing Pores: 5/5
  • Maintaing ph: I'm not sure how to measure this for my face.
  • Controlling excess sebum: Yes! 5/5
  • Minimizing appearance of pores: 4/5
  • Refining skin tone: 5/5
  • Keeping elasticity of pores: Again, not sure how to measure this.
  • Moisturizing the inside and outside of skin: 4/5

Overall thoughts:
I rarely grow attached to facial products. Yet, I believe I would miss this being in my routine, and so would my face. So, yes I would repurchase this. Actually, I plan to purchase the 500ml version, which is only around 5 dollars more.

Overall Score:

As always, thanks for reading!


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  2. I loved this review, this is in my ebay basket waiting for next months pay day :P Really excited to try it, glad it works well for you :)

  3. I'm very happy you loved it! I hope it works well for you too<3

  4. Thank you for this +helpful review!! I just bought it from eBay, hope it works well for me. :)

    1. No,problem! I hope it works well for you also. :)