My Trip To Le Zoo (Picture Heavy)

Ello, yup two blog updates in one day! I'm on a roll.

This should have been posted a while ago, but I procrastinated. We are all guilty of it :P. lol. Well, any who, A few weeks ago I made the trip over to the zoo with my sister. There I met up with my special somebody/best friend. My sister met up with her boyfriend and his family. We only stayed for a few hours, before heading to a mall to look around. I enjoyed myself a lot! It actually had me plan another adventure, I will hopefully go next week. Anyway, onto the animal pics! Oh btw, there will be no pics of me, I looked a hot mess..smh

Tonymoly Gloss Bar Review

Ello everyone,

One of the things I order this month for my birthday was a Tonymoly gloss bar in juicy orange. I've been really into oranges, instead of all pinks and reds for blush and lippy. I bought this on ebay for about 5 dollars. I wanted to see if I liked it, before ordering more.