My Natural hair journey +"The need to change my hair!" itch.


I have been wanting to change my own hair, so much. There is just a conflict between my hair goal and my want to change. Bleach has been calling my name. Bleached hair, framing my face, and eyebrows. Unfortunately, I have already colored treated my hair years ago, after going natural. My hair would look awesome! Yet, would feel "bleh", and dry out so fast. It made it hard to retain length. I have grown out all the color, only the tips are color treated. Trying to keep strength until I reach mid-back or waist length, is hard.

Once I reach my goal length, I can color and cut in bangs. Here is how far I have reached. I posted it on my tumblr a little while ago.

Natural texture to the left, lightly straightened on the right

I think I will post my wash, condition, and moisturizing routine later this week. Until then, enjoy the rest of your week!


Maybelline's Baby Lips

I'm back once again, with the last of my few treats. (Though I just bought some things at FIT recently.). Here is my second treat to myself!

As you can tell by the case, it has been used frequently<3 lol

 I bought it in "Cherry Me 015".


Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream on Oily Skin

Ello, ello

I posted earlier that I bought myself a few treats this month. Here is the first! Maybelline's spin on BB Cream. I am very late trying this product, but why not give my opinion on it? Here we go ^_^.

I bought the Beauty Balm in: Deep 140