Maybelline's Baby Lips

I'm back once again, with the last of my few treats. (Though I just bought some things at FIT recently.). Here is my second treat to myself!

As you can tell by the case, it has been used frequently<3 lol

 I bought it in "Cherry Me 015".

 Product Description:

*Moisturizes lips for a full 8 hours
*Lips renewed in 1 week
*"Not your basic lip balm"

On my lips:

*Moisture: ❤❤❤❤❤
*Renewed: ?
* Against my "basic lip balm":  ❤❤❤

Very nice, sheer red

During Application: 

Glides on buttery smooth. Melted onto my lips. Enough said. 

During the Day:

It keeps my lips moisturized, until I drink/or eat. Pretty much like any lip balm. I love getting little traces of cherry throughout the day. Wearing it under lipstick adds a nice sheen, if you don't want to use gloss.

After Wearing:

I would not say my lips have been "renewed". I exfoliate my lips. So, I have not seen a significant change in the texture of them. 

Overall Thoughts:

Clearly, I love this stuff! Is it "not you average lip balm"? I would say it is your average lip balm, but with a colorful flair and sheen. This for me acts like a toned down lip gloss. Will I repurchase? Yes! I want the Grape Vine color to wear under plum lipstick for the Winter.

Have you tried Baby Lips? As always, thanks for reading. I shall leave a pic with me wearing the Cherry Me under Revlon 440 Cherries in the Snow<3

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