Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream on Oily Skin

Ello, ello

I posted earlier that I bought myself a few treats this month. Here is the first! Maybelline's spin on BB Cream. I am very late trying this product, but why not give my opinion on it? Here we go ^_^.

I bought the Beauty Balm in: Deep 140

Product Description:

8-in-1 Skin Perfector:
*Blurs imperfections
* Brightens
* Evens skin tone
*Enhances* Protects with SPF 30
* 0% oils and heavy ingredients

I used it for about 2 week, and I feel I pretty much know how it will act in different ways.

On My Oily/Acne Prone Skin:
  1. *Blurs imperfections: ❤ 
  2. * Brightens:
  3. * Evens skin tone: 
  4. *Smoothes:
  5. *Hydrates:
  6. *Enhances: ??
  7. * Protects with SPF 30:
  8. * 0% oils and heavy ingredients:
Blended well, though it looked a tad light.

During Application: 

Applied the beauty balm with my fingers. It went on smoothly, and had a light smell. I feared though it's oil free, I would indeed breakout. The amount of coverage was truly as it stated, sheer. On days that I wanted more coverage of acne scars, I would apply 2 layers.

During the Day:

I found I would get very oily, and any sign of wearing the beauty balm was melted off.  

I updated my morning routine to using a primer, before application, and setting with a powder. This helped it last a bit longer.

After Wearing:

I have not broken out more than usual, or had signs of irritation. 

Overall Thoughts:

It is a nice light makeup to use, instead of heavier liquid foundation. I have enjoyed it so far, but prefer my ELF tinted moisturizer. Both run around the same cost where I live ($3-$4). Perhaps if I was in a less humid area, the makeup would stay longer on my face. I do not ask a lot for coverage, I have acne scarring. If I want real coverage, I use my Revlon Colorstay foundation. This offers a nice blur, and does not feel heavy at all.

Will I repurchase? I don't see it happening, but I will enjoy the rest of my bottle.

Do you have any suggestions for how to apply it differently?

 Until the next post, as always, thanks for reading!<3


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    1. Oh! Well Hello back ^_^. I will check your blog and giveaway out. Thanks for stopping by<3