Bubble Pigtails Tutorial


 I have been putting this tutorial off for a while. The process of blowing my hair out is a bit tiring. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this!

★ Grab your hair pins & ponytail holders. Here we go!★


Chargrin Valley Soap Store & Product Review

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This store is wonderful. I have ordered from them before. It is a family owned business, in Ohio. The ingredients they use in their soaps are sulfate-free, natural, and some are vegan. This charming store also offers conditioner bars, butter bars, whipped body butters, and so many other treats.


Life & Such: Shoujo Anime Suggestions? & Life Updates

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Calling all anime fans!

I need some shoujo anime suggestions. I finished Princess Jellyfish, and I'm now watching The Wallflower (thanks to my sis). I would love if anyone knows some similar anime to leave suggestions in the comments.