Life & Such: Shoujo Anime Suggestions? & Life Updates

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Calling all anime fans!

I need some shoujo anime suggestions. I finished Princess Jellyfish, and I'm now watching The Wallflower (thanks to my sis). I would love if anyone knows some similar anime to leave suggestions in the comments.


On another note, I have tired of filling out applications, doing assessments, and going to interviews. I've started working from home. I help my dad with the online site he is about to open. I'm saving my income from that, to start my own business online. I already have the name, what I will be offering,  and prices organized. I'm still researching and reading up on how to make it successful, and will hopefully launch by Fall.

That being said, I have to be careful, about how much I spend. The majority of my money needs to go into my site, and products. I still treat myself, but have to be a bit more careful.

Here are a few things, I've treated myself to:

Target $9.99 I always spoil my hair, specially now that it's dyed.

Target ~$8.00 L'Oreal 177

Target $1.00

Target $1.00

I've also thrifted a few things, including a dress I adore. It's perfect for mori gyaru<3 Oh! I've taken advantage of Maplelens.com sale right now. I ordered 2 pairs of Vassen circle lens (3 including my sister's lenses), and some natural soap from chagrinvalleysoapandsalve.com. My sister saw me ordering yummy soap, and so I ended up getting a few she chose. Her birthday is Friday!

My next purchase will be a fitness purchase. I am so stationary so much, it is very easy for me to gain weight. I plan to take on the Insanity Workout challenge. If you guys want me to post my Insanity Workout journey, let me know!

Well, that's all I have been up to blogger world. As you can see, I'm a bit of an introvert. Hah. Hope your day is going well!

Thanks For Reading!



  1. I have seen Princess Jellyfish but not The Wallflower how is the series so far?

    1. It is funny, and weird. Since it's a reverse harem anime, it's packed with personalities and awkward situations.

  2. kaichou wa mai sama, kimi ni todoke, itazura na kiss... skip beat
    If you love manga, you can check horimiya .. black bird.. ldk