Bubble Pigtails Tutorial


 I have been putting this tutorial off for a while. The process of blowing my hair out is a bit tiring. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this!

★ Grab your hair pins & ponytail holders. Here we go!★

Things you will need

  • Extensions (Optional: depending on your length and thickness. I used braiding hair.)
  • Hair pins
  • Ponytail Holders
  • Elastics
  • Music to pass the time (optional lol)

During doing my hair, of coarse I listened to who inspired me to do these pigtails. Kerli<3 She frequently wears pigtails. I'm trying to find long cotton candy colors to experiment with, to do the scene where she meets her enlightened self.

 I hope you all have fun, while doing this! I know some view pigtails as "childish", but different tastes and views are what make the world interesting. If you try this hairstyle, like this, or plain old dislike it- let me know! Leave a comment below<3


One more for you lovelies. P.S Pin your pigtails down well before dancing to this!

Thanks for Reading & Listening

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