Happy Monday Clothing & Store Review

Hey you guys,

I have been having a pretty boring Summer so far. Yet, I hope you all are enjoying yourself! Here is a review of the Happy Monday review I did on my Youtube channel. If you have any questions, I will write an in depth post on the clothing items, and store. ^_^


Charm City Harajuku Fashion Walk (Pic Heavy!)

Ello You Guyz!

It has been forever, and I am still working on the aesthetics of this blog, but I wanted to share a long overdue event I went to... My 1st Harajuku Fashion Walk! Everyone was so cute! There were many lolitas, dansou, gyaru , and dansou. We walked from the nearby convention center, and to a tea place. It was freezing, and the walk was cut a little short. Snow even made a guest appearance! So, we made a trip back to a close mall, where we all said our goodbyes. I got a little practice using my new dslr, and met some cool ladies. Without further ado, lets get to pictures! I posted pictures not watermarked on the group page, so I figure I can do it here. I will be marking future ones though. I even found out there's a way to do it internally on my camera.

I hung mostly with this girl, and a decora girly. They were super sweet!

Stickers, stickers, sticker!

Her coord was my favorite. <3

The girl to the left, was who I hung with. Both of their outfits were so cute.

I asked them to act natural.....they didn't. lol

My look for the walk.

The next walk is June 6th. That is my sissy's birthday, so I won't be able to make it. There's one in July, I'll definitely be there for that one! I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures.

~ As always, thanks for reading!~



 I'm about to gut this baby, and get to posting new stuff for you guys!! I have a new camera,there will be better quality, and videos. I'm so excited, but I need to lay foundation before getting to all the cool stuff. <3