Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream Disappointment

Ello guys,

It has been a pretty long week, but a package arrived yesterday! If you follow my tumblr, you know I ordered the Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream (or so I thought, but more on that later).

I was so excited! I opened everything up, which took a while because it was tightly wrapped.
The graphics on the box were shining and everything seemed okay, until I opened it.
There was BB cream already on the bottle (not sure if it was from the pressure of me opening it or not). I wiped some away. The graphics on the bottle were scratched up and my heart dropped because I knew it was a FAKE!

While waiting for the package I did a little research on fakes, and found this:

The blog informed me how to spot a fake, and unfortunately I received a fake.
 I refuse to put it on my face. I am already dealing with acne prone skin. What will I do with it? Keep it! I plan to order the real product on a safe site, and compare the two in swatches. I do not recommend ordering from ebay, unless you wish to take the risk I did.

I contacted the seller, and they are going to refund my money.

On a brighter note, two packages are heading my way. They should be here next week. I also found some really adorable stuff while thrifting ^_^.


  1. can you tells us which seller on ebay?
    so sorry to hear about you getting a fake
    i bought missha on ebay and it was original.
    cosmetic.love was the seller
    gretings from mexico

    1. It was from this seller: fulaideng11688

      Thank you! I will check that seller out. Greetings to you as well :).

  2. hey, that page that you put on how to check wether is fake or not is old!! package has changed twice at least. an the manufacturer label is at the bottom of the bottle.

    check this: