Ugly Store Hanger Makeover

We all get them, those ugly hangers from stores. They get home and usually end up in the trash or in the closet looking horrible. I had an idea how to use those hangers, and add some character to my closet.(≧ω≦)

What you will need:
~ Hot glue gun (or need and thread)
~Cute Fabric
~ Some type of padding. Strips of fabric, old t-shirt, ect..

 1. Start adding your padding. I chose to cut up strips of an old t-shirt. Wrap. Wrap. Wrap.

2. Keep adding padding until you get a shape like this.

3. Take your choice of fabric, and fold it over your hanger.

4. Fold and glue/sew the extra fabric. Grab your scissors, and cut the extra fabric from the top of the hanger. Glue/sew the fabric down.

As for the top hook:

  • cut a strip of the piece of cute fabric
  • wrap up and down the hook, and secure the end
You may also want to add something like a bow on the top!
It looks a little weird, because I rushed (≧ω≦) . I still like it though. Let me know if you guys try it!