Oh no...Bathing Suit Season!

That time when water parks and swimming pools are on everyone's list for the Summer, is around the corner. Personally, I am not a fan of Summer. I don't like being hot, or the sun hurting my skin, feeling like I can't breathe in the humid air, the list goes on and on. Nonetheless, I like to have a bathing suit in case venturing out into the sun to hit the beach comes my way.

My dream bathing suit was always out of my reach, budget or time limit, before an event. So, I would settle for a last minute tankini. Before I would buy such tankini, I would be curious enough to try on a bikini, and always have the same reaction since I was 16.
 This feels like wearing underwear....


My Birthday Is In 8 Days!


Just a quick post. Nothing really has been going on. Did not receive a call back about Nordstrom, so I guess it was not meant to be. I've been continuing my job search, stressing about money, ect ect. On a high note, my birthday is around the corner!! So, in between applications I have been building my wishlist and birthday week plans.


DIY Face Treat: Pineapple Toner and Mask

Image: http://www.fruitycuties.com/


Nordstrom Rack Interview , Bunny Style & Life Updates

Ello you guys,

I will not make excuses for not posting as much here. Honestly, I do quick updates on what is happening in my life and events, on my tumblr. Seems more exciting to post here, if I had more outfits, and events going on. I have been on a constant search for a job I would enjoy. Luckily, Norstrom Rack showed interest. I did well enough on my phone interview, that I was invited for a second interview. 

The second interview was an open interview. I think it went really well, all the managers were very pleasant. I decided to work full time. There is also an interest, I have, to work up to a Buyer position with them. Yet, the frequent traveling kind of deters that thought (The day in the life of a buyer), and my desire to work with kids as a occupational therapist. There is a pull between my love of clothing and love of children. My father and sister pretty much said I will end up somewhere in between, making children's clothing. 

This seemed like a dream job to me <3
So, my fall back is Pediatric Occupational Therapy, and dream job involves children's fashion. I feel like there is so much I want to do! Just not enough time and energy to do it.
Oh! Here is a picture of my interview outfit.

Actually, I ended up switching to a black cardigan because I opted for black studded flats.

So, now I wait for the call back in 7-11 days. 

Until next time, thank you for reading and enjoy T-ARA- Bunny Style!! <3