Oh no...Bathing Suit Season!

That time when water parks and swimming pools are on everyone's list for the Summer, is around the corner. Personally, I am not a fan of Summer. I don't like being hot, or the sun hurting my skin, feeling like I can't breathe in the humid air, the list goes on and on. Nonetheless, I like to have a bathing suit in case venturing out into the sun to hit the beach comes my way.

My dream bathing suit was always out of my reach, budget or time limit, before an event. So, I would settle for a last minute tankini. Before I would buy such tankini, I would be curious enough to try on a bikini, and always have the same reaction since I was 16.
 This feels like wearing underwear....

So, I have never worn a bikini. It is way to close to wearing underwear outside. If I would not wear my underwear in front of random people, why would I wear a bikini?? So, I would grab my tankini and leave.

Once I became wrapped up in online stores, I found there were very cute options for those who did not want to wear regular bikinis. Here are my two choices for the summer:

I renamed them lol

  I am in love with both of these pin-up/retro bathing suits!

I like the high waist two piece because it covers more than a regular two piece. It shows just a bit of skin, and hopefully won't make me feel like I am walking around in underwear. The one piece is just a classic bathing suit, in my opinion, so very cute. Pros to both of these are having thick straps for us large bust girls.  Support, support, support<3

The cherry bathing suit also reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite movies<3

So, onto my wishlist both of these go. I'll save bikinis for future hot tubing, in private, with my future husband . *day dreams* 

As always, thank you for reading. I will leave you with one more lovely scene that makes me think of these bathing suits.

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  1. I love the bikini on the left it's s cute ♥
    I've never worn a bikini too, but I recently purchased one so I guess this will be the year I wear one lol