Birthday Make-up Mini Haul & Review


It's not technically my birthday, but like I said in an earlier post, I celebrate as long as it takes. Once I have gone to the zoo and out with my friends, it shall be complete. I went out shopping and to lunch with my mom and sister, the weekend before my birthday. It was really nice<3 Later, I went to dinner with dad and his fiance. Even though I have not been able to go out much yet, I have bought a few things. I've found some really good stuff while thrifting, but I'll make a separate post for that.  
Here we go!

Excuse the look of my case and such -.-* I've been using it a lot.

Milani Runway Eyes: I love this so much! When I look at gyaru makeup tutorials, I always want a variety of nude colors to try the tuts out with. This is perfect for me. The lighter colors have a shimmer to them, and the shimmer fades as it gets darker. It is pigmented enough for me, and with a primer has a stronger color.

NYX Indian Pink Lipstick: Goes on a little weird, if your lips are dry. I just make sure to have them exfoliated and moisturized before applying this color.

NYX Nude Peach Mega Shine Lip Gloss: Simply lovely! Does not matter if it is alone or on top of the Lipstick. I love it!

NYX Concealer: I don't have much experience with concealers, because I pretty much stick with bb cream or plain foundation in the cooler months. When I used this, along with bb cream, I loved how light it was. It does claim to be light weight. I feel it lived up to what it says. Definitely look forward to seeing how it performs when it gets a bit hotter.

Acne Prone Side Note: I have not used this enough to see if it would break me out. I will update later ,as to how my skin reacts to this. 

Peach Satin 20

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush (Peach Satin): I have only worn this twice. Before I bought it, I thought it may be a bit to light. One application of it leaves a very natural color.  The second application showed I can build on it, if I want a more intense color.

 Also bought Maybelline's BB Cream, until I can order the one I want from Missha.

Well, that's it for make-up until things I ordered come in the mail. I'm literally about to make another post for what I ordered from Wholesale7.net.

As always! 

Thanks For Reading!

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