My Trip To Le Zoo (Picture Heavy)

Ello, yup two blog updates in one day! I'm on a roll.

This should have been posted a while ago, but I procrastinated. We are all guilty of it :P. lol. Well, any who, A few weeks ago I made the trip over to the zoo with my sister. There I met up with my special somebody/best friend. My sister met up with her boyfriend and his family. We only stayed for a few hours, before heading to a mall to look around. I enjoyed myself a lot! It actually had me plan another adventure, I will hopefully go next week. Anyway, onto the animal pics! Oh btw, there will be no pics of me, I looked a hot mess..smh

Could not get a front shot :(

The zebra area was right next to the cheetahs. Smh. Poor nervous zebras.

He/she actually looked sad. I have two sides of me, one that enjoys visiting the animals, but the other knows they don't belong in a zoo.

There was a cool cave, underneath where the seals performed. You could watch as they swam, and played underwater. It was my favortie part of the day.

We had to hurry and leave soon after the flamingos. I was hungry, so we grabbed eats at the mall.
It actually came with the smiley face ^_^

My sister and her bf frys looked better though 0_0

I usually drink a shirley temple everytime.<3

~Welp, as always thanks for reading and taking the mini journey through pics. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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