Tonymoly Gloss Bar Review

Ello everyone,

One of the things I order this month for my birthday was a Tonymoly gloss bar in juicy orange. I've been really into oranges, instead of all pinks and reds for blush and lippy. I bought this on ebay for about 5 dollars. I wanted to see if I liked it, before ordering more.


 The packaging of coarse, is the main reason I bought this. The grumpy bunny was hard to resist. 


You can already see the shimmer in it.


TonyMoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar (Juicy Orange) is having a cute appearance and easy to carry. Also, it contains the characteristics of lipstick and lip gloss. Moreover, the cute product do have the following features:

1.      Soften the dead skin: Contains of strawberry essence, provide your lips with effective moisture, in order to soften your dead skin and avoid the embarrassment caused by the fine lines covered your lips.

2.      High Moisturizing: Contains of double berries compounds that can activate cell lips, more effective in locking moisture

3.      Provide a shiny color for your lips: Contains herbal essential oils which can balance the lip color and make your lips charm

4.      Smooth and Soft: This product contains the grapes essence, which can provide water to moisture your lips, make your lips more healthy and attractive

5.      Rich in protein: By adding natural protein to the products, after using it, it forms a protective film on the lips, helps prevent moisture loss of your lips

6.  Strong Coloring: The color of this product is specially formulated to enhance the power of lip gloss and make long lasting of lip color and it will not fade easily.

Description and Image from Sasa.com

On My Lips:

During application:

 If your lips are a little dry, it feels a bit uncomfortable putting this on. If your lips are a little moist, it glides on quite nice. I actually cannot smell the orange, when the product isn't on my lips. When you put it on, you get a nice orange scent. It is not to overpowering though.

During the day:

The longer it stayed on, my lips did look a bit plumper. The sheer color does linger for a while, as long as you don't eat or drink.

After wearing:

My lips feel a little softer, but nothing compared to, for example, Baby Lips.

Overall Thoughts:

This is a "gloss bar". I did not expect it to be very moisturizing. In my opinion, it is a light moisturizer, which main purpose is to add a natural tint and shine to the lips. Would I repurchase? I am not to sure. I want to see if different types will act differently, and, yes...the packaging is to cute<3 Yet, I want to try other Tonymoly lip products. Maybe I'll try another flavor in the future. Maybe not.

Overall Score:       

~As always, Thanks For Reading<3 I'll leave you with a selfie from earlier today.

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