Nordstrom Rack Interview , Bunny Style & Life Updates

Ello you guys,

I will not make excuses for not posting as much here. Honestly, I do quick updates on what is happening in my life and events, on my tumblr. Seems more exciting to post here, if I had more outfits, and events going on. I have been on a constant search for a job I would enjoy. Luckily, Norstrom Rack showed interest. I did well enough on my phone interview, that I was invited for a second interview. 

The second interview was an open interview. I think it went really well, all the managers were very pleasant. I decided to work full time. There is also an interest, I have, to work up to a Buyer position with them. Yet, the frequent traveling kind of deters that thought (The day in the life of a buyer), and my desire to work with kids as a occupational therapist. There is a pull between my love of clothing and love of children. My father and sister pretty much said I will end up somewhere in between, making children's clothing. 

This seemed like a dream job to me <3
So, my fall back is Pediatric Occupational Therapy, and dream job involves children's fashion. I feel like there is so much I want to do! Just not enough time and energy to do it.
Oh! Here is a picture of my interview outfit.

Actually, I ended up switching to a black cardigan because I opted for black studded flats.

So, now I wait for the call back in 7-11 days. 

Until next time, thank you for reading and enjoy T-ARA- Bunny Style!! <3

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