My Birthday Is In 8 Days!


Just a quick post. Nothing really has been going on. Did not receive a call back about Nordstrom, so I guess it was not meant to be. I've been continuing my job search, stressing about money, ect ect. On a high note, my birthday is around the corner!! So, in between applications I have been building my wishlist and birthday week plans.

Yes, I said week. I believe birthdays should last for a week, if not even a month. 1 day out of the year is not enough, in my opinion.

My plans so far are awesome, includes sushi, hanging with my friends/family and shopping (depending on how much birthday money I get).

A peek at my wishlist:

I also found a lot of stuff I want on taobao. It would be my first time ordering from them. I think I'm going to use http://www.engtaobao.com/ . Do you guys know a better shopping service to use?

Welp, back to job hunting.
Until next time,

~Thanks For Reading~


  1. I bet you are excited...I also agree birthdays should last for more ;) Kisses

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  2. I think you probably need a good shopping site, http://www.taobao.pe/ this is Taobao English website in the world, which is full range, cheap, shopping choice.