Quick Summer Hair Pictorial

Ello everyone,
                   I've been inspired to continue making hairstyle pictorials. Any texture of hair can achieve this style, I just like to keep in mind natural hair girls who also love cute styles. Though I love extensions, and wigs, I also love styling my own hair. Summer is fast approaching, so a lot of the tutorials I will be doing, are cute and work well with the heat.

★ Grab your hair pins and curling wand. Here we go!★

It is/was quite hot, when I did this. So, my smiles, turned into frowns, and awkward faces.

You can opt to leave out more hair. This would also look lovely, with 2 tendrils at the nape. I did not want tight curls, but you can always curl tighter. I'm thinking of reviewing the curling wand I used to do this.

If you try this hairstyle, like this, or plain old dislike it- let me know! Leave a comment below. 


 Here is a hint at what inspired my next hair styling tutorial. I only need one more thing. This one is going to be for the more adventurous dreamer<3 lol 
It's Kerli- Zero Gravity. If you have not heard of her, please look her up! I have been listening to her since I was in high school,and Myspace was cool. Anyway, enjoy!

Kerli- Zero Gravity

Thanks for Reading & Listening


  1. Gah your adorable! And I have hair envy right now xD

    1. (≧ω≦)thanks. lol Try the style out yourself!

    2. my hair is about half that length but I will keep this in my idea book hehe