Fro Bow Tutorial

I posted my fro bow I wore a few days ago on my tumblr and facebook. I forgot to watermark it then, but I doubt anyone wants to steal that photo of my forehead lol. Anyway, someone on my facebook wanted me to to a tutorial, so I made my first picture tutorial

★ Grab your hair pins and ponytail holders. Here we go!★

Forgive my crazy faces in this guys, it was so weird doing my hair by webcam.
I hope your hair comes out cute! If you try this hairstyle, like this, or plain old dislike it- let me know! Leave a comment below.


Oh! I won't be posting over the weekend. My mom, sis, and I will be celebrating a late Mother's Day. So, I will try to post my Etude House Moistfull Collagen review tomorrow. Today, I usually do my most loved videos (MLVD). I have not watched many videos this week, so I'll leave you with a video+ song I still love and adore. I've played this song so much it drives my sister crazy lol... I love shy boys, so of coarse I love this song.

Secret- Shy Boy



Thanks for Reading & Listening


  1. Gurl, this is getting pin all over Pinterest on the natural hair boards! Love the style
    I'm going to future it, on my upcoming blog post~

    1. Really?! 0.0 *searches pintrest* Yay!
      You are? I can't wait to see it on you. ^_^