Kawaii On A Budget: Kerli Inspired DIY Unicorn Horn

Ello you all,

I've been getting pretty bored with the redundancy of just doing product review. I've picked up crafting and sewing again, because all work and no play sucks. I was scrolling through different saved pictures on my laptop, that I saved to inspire me. I passed over Kerli's picture of her with a unicorn horn. <3 I just had to make it! Her horn was from FireFly Path  and costs $45.00. I do not have excess funds to buy that magical piece, so I asked myself....could I make something similar to this? My imagination said yes! So, I started working on a prototype.

White Unicorn Horn Circlet
FireFly  Path

This is my first attempt. I am in search of a beautiful head piece. I will be hitting thrift stores in search of materials.

If you all would like a step by step, of how to make your own, let me know in the comment section.

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  1. I would be interested, it looks super cute!

    1. Thank you! Sorry it took forever to reply. I will try to have it up soon!